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99 Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

by Jim Connelly, founder of BoosterSpark

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Looking for booster club fundraiser ideas? Look no further! Here are 99 fundraising ideas to consider. While all of these will be fun, also consider how much volunteer labor a fundraiser will require, and what return your club might receive from the effort. If you have limited time and/or volunteer labor, then BoosterSpark strongly recommends you focus your resources on membership & sponsorship fundraising programs before tackling the rest of the ideas on this list.


  1. Bake Sale: Sell homemade baked goods at school events or local markets.
  2. Car Wash: Host a car wash and charge for cleaning services.
  3. Concession Stand: Run a concession stand during sports games and other events.
  4. Pancake Breakfast: Organize a breakfast event with pancakes, bacon, and coffee.
  5. Pizza Night: Partner with a local pizzeria for a percentage of sales on a designated night.
  6. Ice Cream Social: Serve ice cream and toppings at a community gathering.
  7. Cookie Dough Fundraiser: Sell pre-made cookie dough to be baked at home.
  8. Soup Sale: Prepare and sell a variety of homemade soups.
  9. Chili Cook-Off: Host a chili cook-off competition with entry fees and tickets for tasting.
  10. Spaghetti Dinner: Organize a spaghetti dinner event with pasta, salad, and breadsticks.
  11. Wine Tasting: Arrange a wine-tasting event with local wineries.
  12. Beer and BBQ: Pair barbecue dishes with craft beer for a fun evening.
  13. Coffee Fundraiser: Sell specialty coffee beans or K-cups.
  14. Smoothie Stand: Offer healthy smoothies at school events.
  15. Food Truck Festival: Invite food trucks to a local fair or festival and earn a percentage of their sales.
  16. Doughnut Sale: Sell doughnuts and coffee in the morning at school.
  17. Pretzel Sale: Offer a variety of pretzels and dipping sauces.


  1. T-shirt Sale: Design custom T-shirts featuring the club's logo or theme.
  2. Candle Sale: Sell scented candles for holidays or special occasions.
  3. Jewelry Sale: Offer a selection of jewelry items.
  4. Book Fair: Organize a book fair with a portion of book sales going to the club.
  5. Flower Sale: Sell fresh flowers, potted plants, or flower bulbs.
  6. Custom Calendar: Create custom calendars featuring club photos and events.
  7. Magazine Subscription Sale: Offer subscriptions to popular magazines.
  8. Coupon Books: Sell coupon books with discounts to local businesses.
  9. Cookbook Sale: Compile and sell a cookbook featuring favorite recipes.
  10. Holiday Ornament Sale: Design and sell holiday-themed ornaments.
  11. Art and Craft Sale: Host an art and craft sale featuring local artists.
  12. Yard Sale: Collect donated items for a community yard sale.
  13. Custom Water Bottles: Sell reusable water bottles with customized designs.
  14. Phone Case Sale: Offer personalized phone cases for various models.
  15. Tote Bag Sale: Design and sell reusable tote bags.
  16. Keychain Sale: Create and sell custom keychains.
  17. Greeting Card Sale: Design and sell greeting cards for special occasions.
  18. Gift-Wrapping Service: Offer gift-wrapping services during the holiday season.
  19. Quilt Raffle: Raffle off a handcrafted quilt.


  1. Trivia Night: Host a trivia night with entry fees and prizes for winners.
  2. Fashion Show: Organize a fashion show featuring local boutiques.
  3. Community Talent Show: Showcase local talent and charge admission.
  4. Karaoke Night: Host a karaoke competition with entry fees.
  5. Dance-a-Thon: Hold a dance-a-thon fundraiser with participants collecting pledges.
  6. Comedy Night: Arrange a comedy show with ticket sales.
  7. Theater Production: Put on a play or musical with ticket sales.
  8. Haunted House: Create a haunted house attraction for Halloween.
  9. Movie Night: Host an outdoor movie screening with concessions.
  10. Casino Night: Organize a casino-themed night with games of chance.
  11. Art Auction: Auction off artwork created by students or local artists.
  12. Carnival: Plan a carnival with games, rides, and food stalls.
  13. Silent Auction: Collect donated items and hold a silent auction.
  14. Sports Tournament: Host a sports tournament and charge entry fees.
  15. Escape Room Challenge: Organize an escape room experience.
  16. Golf Tournament: Arrange a golf tournament with sponsorships and entry fees.
  17. Cycling Race: Host a bicycle race or fun ride with registration fees.
  18. Color Run: Organize a color run/walk with registration fees.


  1. Community Clean-Up: Collect donations for cleaning up public spaces.
  2. Food Drive: Organize a food drive to benefit a local food bank.
  3. Blood Drive: Partner with a local blood bank for a blood drive event.
  4. Clothing Drive: Collect gently used clothing and donate them to those in need.
  5. Toy Drive: Gather toys for underprivileged children during the holidays.
  6. Recycling Program: Collect recyclables and earn money from recycling centers.
  7. Environmental Cleanup: Organize a cleanup of parks, beaches, or rivers.
  8. Senior Citizen Assistance: Provide services to elderly community members for donations.


  1. Sports Clinic: Offer sports clinics or workshops by coaches or athletes.
  2. Fitness Challenge: Host a fitness challenge or obstacle course event.
  3. Sports Camp: Organize a sports camp during school breaks.
  4. Cheerleading Clinic: Conduct cheerleading workshops for aspiring cheerleaders.
  5. Team Spirit Gear Sale: Sell team spirit items like pom-poms and foam fingers.
  6. Bowling Night: Host a bowling tournament with registration fees.
  7. Mini Golf Tournament: Arrange a mini golf tournament with prizes.
  8. Sports Memorabilia Auction: Auction off sports memorabilia items.


  1. Video Game Tournament: Organize a video game competition with entry fees.
  2. Computer Repair Services: Offer computer repair services for donations.
  3. E-Sports Tournament: Host an e-sports tournament for popular video games.
  4. Tech Help Desk: Provide tech support services for community members.


  1. Art Show: Showcase artwork created by students or local artists.
  2. Musical Concert: Host a musical performance or concert with ticket sales.
  3. Art Workshop: Offer art workshops or classes to the community.
  4. Choir Singing Telegrams: Send choir members to sing at special occasions.
  5. Instrument Petting Zoo: Allow people to try out different musical instruments.
  6. Jazz Night: Arrange a jazz music night with live performances.
  7. Artistic Workshops: Organize workshops in various artistic mediums.


  1. Tutoring Services: Offer tutoring sessions in various subjects.
  2. Book Drive: Collect and distribute books to local schools or libraries.
  3. STEM Workshop: Organize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) workshops.
  4. Science Fair: Host a science fair with entry fees for participants.
  5. Education Seminars: Conduct seminars on relevant educational topics.
  6. Scholarship Fund: Establish a scholarship fund for deserving students.


  1. Easter Egg Hunt: Organize an Easter egg hunt for families.
  2. Valentine's Day Roses: Sell roses for Valentine's Day.
  3. Halloween Costume Sale: Offer costumes for Halloween.
  4. Christmas Tree Sale: Sell Christmas trees and wreaths.
  5. Holiday Gift Wrapping: Provide gift-wrapping services during the holidays.


  1. 5K Run/Walk: Host a 5K race or walk with registration fees.
  2. Yoga in the Park: Offer outdoor yoga classes for donations.
  3. Mental Health Workshop: Organize workshops on mental health topics.
  4. Health Fair: Arrange a health fair with wellness services and vendors.


  1. Astronomy Night: Host stargazing events with telescopes.
  2. Puppet Show: Put on puppet shows for children with ticket sales.
  3. Mystery Dinner Theater: Organize a dinner theater event with a mystery theme.

Remember that the success of booster club fundraisers depends on effective planning, promotion, and community involvement. Tailor your fundraising ideas to the interests and needs of your club and the community you serve. Additionally, consider local regulations and COVID-19 restrictions when planning and executing your fundraisers.

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