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Free Guide: How Successful Booster Clubs Earn Five-Figure Incomes Annually Through Sponsorships

Sponsorship programs offer a win-win solution for both booster clubs and sponsors. But…

What benefits should you offer?
How much should you charge?
How do you sell sponsorships?
How many plans should you offer?
Is there an easy way to offer upgrades and annual renewals?
And how do you manage all of the data easily?

This free guide will teach you:

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Free Guide #1
booster club membership guide
Of all the ways a booster club can fundraise, memberships can be the easiest way to raise a huge amount of money with minimal labor. You don't need a ton of volunteers, and you don't need to spend a lot of money.
Free Guide #2
booster club sponsorship guide
No other fundraising effort can generate more return on investment than a well designed sponsorship program. Learn how to design and sell lucrative sponsorship plans, and who will buy them.
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