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BoosterSpark began in 2018. Rather than force our customers into generic, off-the-shelf solutions that are cumbersome to use, we built the world's first SaaS platform designed specifically for booster clubs from the ground up.

We provided a free BoosterSpark subscription to the club formerly managed by our founder in August of 2019 in exchange for the priceless opportunity to test our platform with real customers and gain valuable feedback from coordinators and volunteers. When a bug was found, we could easily make everyone happy since we already knew each customer and volunteer personally.

After thorough testing, we were ready to launch to the public in March of 2020. Unfortunately, the world shut down just as we were ready to open up. Our early growth mimicked the world's pace of getting back to normal. Meanwhile, we continued to add new features and enhancements.

We are happy to say our growth rate is rising exponentially thanks to satisfied customers who refer us to other booster clubs. Our platform has facilitated more than $1,000,000 in transactions for booster clubs throughout the United States.

New features are constantly in development. We are proud of what BoosterSpark is today and are very excited about what it will be tomorrow! We are grateful for our customers and look forward to the day your club joins the BoosterSpark family.

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No other fundraising effort can generate more return on investment than a well designed sponsorship program. Learn how to design and sell lucrative sponsorship plans, and who will buy them.
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