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  • Raise more money
  • Enjoy better organization
  • Reduce volunteer hours spent on busywork
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Give team members access to club data in the cloud
  • Allow anyone to buy from any device, any where, any time
  • Improve accuracy
  • Increase your club's success

BoosterSpark helps booster club leaders raise more money while working fewer hours. It's a web-based suite of fast, integrated tools that fuels booster club growth and success. BoosterSpark is easy to use, eliminates a ton of busywork, streamlines fundraising, and provides an impressive website for your club. BoosterSpark helps booster club volunteers achieve success faster so you can maximize the positive impact you make on your community.

booster club websites
Easy Website Management
  • Easily create & manage your booster club website
  • Publish your own words, photos, embedded videos, links
  • No coding expertise required
booster club memberships
Feature-Rich Memberships
  • Quickly create plans: 38 customizable benefit ideas
  • Generate, view, export 5 years of member reports
  • Members can easily upgrade, renew online
booster club sponsorships
Lucrative Sponsorships
  • Quickly create plans: 56 customizable benefit ideas
  • Every sponsor plan includes a self-managed, dedicated page on your website
  • Sponsors upload their logo which automatically appears on the bott om of every page of your website
booster club activity passes
Instant Activity Passes
  • Members & sponsors have instant access to digital activity passes generated automatically by BoosterSpark
  • Sponsor logos can appear on the back of each pass
  • Each pass has a unique QR code to prevent fraud, scannable by ticket booth staff with the camera on any smartphone
booster club donations
Accept Online Donations
  • Receive financial donations on your BoosterSpark powered website
  • Donors can make one-time donations, or set up recurring monthly donations
  • Every donation can include an optional note, earmarking the donation for a particular fundraising initiative
booster club email messaging
Broadcast Email Blasts
  • Easily send email blasts to subscribers, members, sponsors, donors
  • Create, edit, and preview emails containing text, images, tables, lists, etc
  • Schedule emails to be sent in the future, or send immediately, or save as draft
booster club online store
  • Coming June 2024
  • Sell spirit wear, tickets, etc from your BoosterSpark-powered website
booster club data management
Reports & Data Management
  • Reports are displayed on screen and can be exported to CSV for spreadsheet use
  • Your customers input their own data for maximum accuracy, eliminating tedious volunteer data entry labor
  • Stop recording tedious data you'll never use and never monetize
booster club sales summaries
  • Key sales metrics emailed to Administrators every month
  • Includes new feature announcements & platform enhancements
  • Offers tips to help you keep your website up-to-date
booster club user permissions
  • Grant account access to fellow board members & coordinators
  • Easily remove access on a person-by-person basis
  • No need to share one login
booster club support
  • All BoosterSpark customers receive unlimited, friendly, helpful, tenacious support based in the United States
  • Be supported by someone with deep knowledge of BoosterSpark’s capabilities as well as experience running a booster club
  • Support is available online, via email, and by phone
booster club free stuff
Free Stuff Included
  • Free .COM domain name
  • Free hosting with backups on both coasts AND the Midwest
  • Free SSL certificate keeps customer data safe
  • Free account setup & website customization

BoosterSpark is for booster clubs that are serious about making a positive impact on their community. It helps you work smarter, not harder. It is the backbone of properly designed and publicized membership, sponsorship, and donation programs:

You're deeply involved in your booster club. You work tirelessly, raising money to give kids opportunities, to help faculty and coaches, and to make your community a better place to live. You volunteer, you coordinate, you communicate, you attend meetings and events. But if you're like most booster club leaders, you feel like your club could be doing better. It could raise more money. It could run more efficiently. It could look more professional. It could attract more volunteers and members and sponsors. It could use BoosterSpark.

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Ask questions, get answers, see capabilities, and meet a fellow booster club leader who is driven to make it easier to run a successful booster club.

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Free Guide #1
booster club membership guide
Of all the ways a booster club can fundraise, memberships can be the easiest way to raise a huge amount of money with minimal labor. You don't need a ton of volunteers, and you don't need to spend a lot of money.
Free Guide #2
booster club sponsorship guide
No other fundraising effort can generate more return on investment than a well designed sponsorship program. Learn how to design and sell lucrative sponsorship plans, and who will buy them.
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