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all plans include the complete BoosterSpark platform, with one exception: Starter does not include email messaging
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then, $29/month + 10% per transaction2
Designed for new or small clubs, Starter lets you subsidize most of your BoosterSpark subscription by letting BoosterSpark keep 10% of sales made on your BoosterSpark-powered website. Starter does not include email messaging.
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Free1 for 30 days
then, $59/month + 3.5% per transaction2
If your club generates less than $10,000/year, you may like the idea of funding some of your BoosterSpark subscription by letting BoosterSpark keep 3.5% of sales made on your BoosterSpark-powered website.
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then, $89/month + 0% per transaction2
If your club generates more than $10,000/year, this plan is best for you. It includes the complete BoosterSpark platform, and there are no BoosterSpark commissions.
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1 See free trial details. 2 Per‑transaction fees are in addition to, and do not include, credit card processing fees charged by Stripe. Stripe's per‑transaction fee is 2.9% + $0.30.
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Free 30 Day Trial yes yes yes
One Hour Live Training/Demo yes yes yes
Unlimited Support yes yes yes
BoosterSpark Club Manager yes yes yes
Mobile-Friendly Responsive Website yes yes yes
Website Content Management System unlimited pages unlimited pages unlimited pages
Email Messaging no up to 15,000 emails/yr up to 30,000 emails/yr
Online Store coming July 2024 coming July 2024 coming July 2024
Membership Database unlimited unlimited unlimited
Sponsorship Database unlimited unlimited unlimited
One-Time Donations unlimited unlimited unlimited
Recurring Donations unlimited unlimited unlimited
Activity Passes unlimited unlimited unlimited
Activity Pass Use Reports yes yes yes
Membership Plan Designer yes yes yes
Sell Memberships Online unlimited unlimited unlimited
Member Acknowledgements yes yes yes
Expired Member List yes yes yes
Sponsor Web Pages yes yes yes
Sponsorship Plan Designer yes yes yes
Sell Sponsorships Online unlimited unlimited unlimited
Sponsor Acknowledgements yes yes yes
Expired Sponsor List yes yes yes
Secretary Functions yes yes yes
Treasurer Functions yes yes yes
User Permissions yes yes yes
Monthly Sales Summary, News, Tips yes yes yes
.com Domain Name ($25/yr value) yes yes yes
Website Hosting ($240/yr value) yes yes yes
Secure SSL Certificate ($80/yr value) yes yes yes
Accept Credit/Debit Cards Online with Stripe yes yes yes
Free Account Setup yes yes yes
Monthly Price After Free Trial $29 + 10% per transaction $59 + 3.5% per transaction $89 + 0% per transaction
Common Questions
Click Questions to Reveal Answers
Is there a long-term contract?
No. Booster clubs pay on a month-to-month basis and can cancel their BoosterSpark account at any time. It is our goal to provide a solution you'll never want to leave! You may want to also review our Refund Policy.
Can we see a demonstration before we buy?
Yes. In fact, we encourage it! We want you to see how easy our Club Manager tool is to use. We also enjoy learning about your club and your goals, and we can share helpful tips along the way. Schedule a Personalized Product Tour
Who owns our club's domain name?
If your club chooses to take advantage of the free .COM domain name included with your BoosterSpark plan, BoosterSpark will serve as the Billing Contact that pays annual domain renewal fees, while your club will be listed as the legal owner of the domain name. That means you can take the domain name with you if you ever decide to leave BoosterSpark, and it means your domain name won't expire after you move on from the club.
How much money can our club make using BoosterSpark?
Depends on how your club uses BoosterSpark. Check out our ROI Calculator to forecast your club's Return On Investment potential.
Can we change plans?
You can change plans once during any 12 month period. There is no fee for plan changes.
Can we pay with a check?
We do not accept checks or cash, but existing subscribers can easily set up automatic bank transfers from a club's bank account. When you begin a free trial, you will need to provide a debit or credit card, and you can replace that payment method with your club's bank account before the end of your trial if you wish.
Which plan should we get?
If your club is already bringing in at least $10,000 a year, you can maximize your profit with a Pro plan. If your club is just getting started, or if funds are tight, you might prefer a Starter or Standard plan which minimizes your monthly financial commitment and subsidizes your subscription through a per-transaction fee we deduct from sales made on your BoosterSpark-powered website. The Pro plan does not have a per-transaction fee, only a fixed monthly cost.
What is a "per transaction fee"?
Some of our pricing plans include a "per transaction" fee. If you choose one of these plans, your BoosterSpark subscription will be subsidized through a fee deducted from sales made on your BoosterSpark-powered website. For example, if you sell a $100 membership and your plan has a 10% per transaction fee, then $10 (10% of $100) will go to BoosterSpark, $3.20 will go to Stripe, and the remaining $86.80 will go to the club's bank account.
Does "per transaction" include credit card processing?
No. Stripe processes credit/debit card payments and will keep 2.9% + $0.30 of each transaction that occurs on your BoosterSpark-powered website. These are some of the most competitive ecommerce processing rates available. Stripe is the industry leader powering the world's most popular ecommerce sites.
What happens when we begin a free trial?
During checkout, you provide information about you, your club, and your payment method. Then, our website will ask you a handful of easy questions (like "does your club have a domain name"). You can skip any of these onboarding questions, although the more info you provide, the faster we can set up your new account. If you haven't had a live demo yet, we will offer you personalized one-on-one training via Google Meet and will set up your new account within 48 hours (often as fast as two hours if the demo/training were completed earlier).
Free Trial Terms
Enjoy a 30 day no-risk trial of BoosterSpark! The first 30 days of your BoosterSpark subscription will be FREE. You will pay no money today. If you do not cancel before the end of your free trial, the payment method you provide today will be charged in 31 days for one month of service, and future renewals will be charged once a month thereafter until you cancel. There is no long term contract. Credit card processing fees (and, if you choose our Starter or Standard plans, per-transaction fees) will apply to sales generated via your BoosterSpark-powered website during the free trial.
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See BoosterSpark's capabilities and learn how it can help maximize your club's success in a live, personalized, behind-the-scenes demonstration of our acclaimed Club Manager tool.

Ask questions, get answers, see capabilities, and meet a fellow booster club leader who is driven to make it easier to run a successful booster club.

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Free Guide #1
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Of all the ways a booster club can fundraise, memberships can be the easiest way to raise a huge amount of money with minimal labor. You don't need a ton of volunteers, and you don't need to spend a lot of money.
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No other fundraising effort can generate more return on investment than a well designed sponsorship program. Learn how to design and sell lucrative sponsorship plans, and who will buy them.
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