BoosterSpark Pandemic Response

Our mission is to help booster clubs maximize their success, even in the worst of times. We understand booster club finances have been hit hard by COVID-19, so we created new, affordable, subsidized price options and are sharing a number of booster club fundraising ideas during COVID‑19. Your buyers have shifted to contactless solutions and ecommerce, making this the perfect time to make sure your booster club is powered by BoosterSpark.

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practically free!
pay only when your club generates sales
per month +
10% per transaction*
enjoy a lower per‑transaction fee
per month +
5% per transaction*
predictable fixed price, no per‑transaction fees
per month +
0% per transaction*
* Per‑transaction fees are in addition to, and do not include, credit card processing fees charged by Stripe. Stripe's per‑transaction fee is 2.9% + $0.30.
All Plans Include:
  • BoosterSpark Club Manager
  • BoosterSpark Action Items
  • Free Account Setup
  • Mobile-Friendly Responsive Website
  • Website Content Management System
  • Secretary Functions
  • Treasurer Functions
  • Membership Database
  • Sponsorship Database
  • One-Time Donations
  • Recurring Donations
  • Membership Plan Designer
  • Sell Memberships Online
  • Member Acknowledgements
  • Expired Member List
  • Sponsorship Plan Designer
  • Sponsor Acknowledgements
  • Sponsor Web Pages
  • Expired Sponsor List
  • Activity Passes
  • Activity Pass Use Reports
  • Team Permissions & Access
  • .com Domain Name - $25/yr value!
  • Website Hosting - $240/yr value!
  • Secure SSL Certificate - $80/yr value!
  • Technical Support
  • Accept Credit/Debit Cards Online**
  • And More!
** Requires free Stripe account.
Common Questions
Is there a long-term contract?
No. Booster clubs pay on a month-to-month basis and can cancel their BoosterSpark account at any time. It is our goal to provide a solution you'll never want to leave! You may want to also review our Refund Policy.
How much money can our club make using BoosterSpark?
Depends on how your club uses BoosterSpark. Check out our ROI Calculator to forecast your club's Return On Investment potential.
Can we change plans?
Yes, but only after staying in your current plan for 12 months. For example, if you purchase or switch to a Starter plan on March 01, 2021 you can change to a different plan on or after March 01, 2022.
Can we pay with a check?
We do not accept checks or cash, but existing subscribers can easily set up automatic bank transfers from a club's bank account. For your first month's payment, you will need to use a debit or credit card.
Which plan should we get?
If your club is already bringing in at least $11,000 a year, you can maximize your profit with a Pro plan. If your club is just getting started, or if funds are tight due to the pandemic, you might prefer a Starter or Standard plan which minimizes your monthly financial commitment and subsidizes your subscription through a per-transaction fee we deduct from sales made on your BoosterSpark-powered website. The Pro plan does not have a per-transaction fee, only a fixed monthly cost.
What is a "per transaction fee"?
In an effort to make it easier for booster clubs to utilize BoosterSpark during the cash-tight pandemic, some of our new pricing plans include a "per transaction" fee. If you choose one of these plans, your BoosterSpark subscription will be subsidized through a fee deducted from sales made on your BoosterSpark-powered website. For example, if you sell a $100 membership and your plan has a 5% per transaction fee, then $5 (5% of $100) will go to BoosterSpark, $3.20 will go to Stripe, and the remaining $91.80 will go to the club's bank account.
Does "per transaction" include credit card processing?
No. Stripe processes credit/debit card payments and will keep 2.9% + $0.30 of each transaction that occurs on your BoosterSpark-powered website. These are some of the most competitive ecommerce processing rates available. Stripe is the industry leader powering the world's most popular ecommerce sites.
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