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Booster Club Membership Plan Examples

by Jim Connelly, founder of BoosterSpark

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The following excerpt comes from BoosterSpark's "Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Booster Club Membership Program" guide. Get a free copy here.

The more members your club has, the more impact your club can make. Membership programs grow by:

  1. attracting more paid members, and
  2. maximizing the amount spent by each member

The biggest mistake booster clubs make is: thinking small. Too many clubs are afraid to sell higher-priced membership plans. They focus on minimizing price instead of maximizing value.

People buy memberships when they understand (A) what value they receive, and (B) how their membership fees will help children in their community — maybe even their own child.

Each plan should offer tangible and intangible value. Offer some tangible bling like a branded shirt or a window decal with your club’s logo or team mascot on it. Then describe an intangible reward: give them specific examples of what you will do with the funds you raise (e.g., give student scholarships, buy new uniforms, fund after school clubs & activities, etc). If you offer enough value, members will buy. Remember, it has to be valuable in their eyes, not yours.

Not sure what benefits to offer in your membership plans? BoosterSpark's Membership Plan Designer tool, included with every BoosterSpark subscription, lists 38 plan benefits you can choose to add to any of your plans.

Do not make the mistake of trying to offer a membership plan for every budget. Anyone who can not afford your membership plans but wants to financially support your club can make a smaller monetary donation at any time.

Think bigger. Maximize value. And raise prices accordingly. Give members choice. BoosterSpark recommends offering five plans. Aim to have five plans priced at $50, $100, $200, $300, and $500. Affluent communities should instead aim for $100, $250, $500, $750, and $1,000 price points. The low-end plan should offer bare-bones benefits, and the high-end plan should be packed with valuable benefits.

Sample Member Plans:

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium
suggested price point (low) $50 $100 $200 $300 $500
suggested price point (high) $100 $250 $500 $750 $1,000
Admission to All Home Athletic Events (excluding tournaments and post-season) for 4 People - -
Admission to All Performing Arts Events (one performance per event) for 4 People - -
1 Yard Sign
2 T-Shirts - -
1 Bag - -
1 Stadium Seat Cushion - - -
2 Stadium Chairs - - - -
1 Commemorative Brick - - - -
10% Off Coupon for Spirit Wear
1 Window Decal
Recognition on Banner Displayed at Various Athletic Events
Recognition on Our Website
Invited to All Meetings, with Voting Rights
Tax Deductible (consult your tax advisor)

Clubs who only offer inexpensive plans are doing a disservice to those they serve. Low-priced membership plans give little to no value to members, and generate very small income, limiting the positive impact your club can make on your community. Members will be willing to pay more money in exchange for more value. And, every community has their own "one percenters" who have more disposable income than you and are happy to pay $500 or $1,000 a year to support your club's mission.

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