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booster club management software
booster club management software
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Created by a Booster Club President
BoosterSpark was created by a past president of a booster club to eliminate common club headaches and increase fundraising success.
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As a BoosterSpark customer, you're never alone. We're passionate about making your BoosterSpark experience easy breezy.
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with BoosterSpark, you can...
Lead With Confidence
  • know how your club is doing
  • view club performance at a glance
  • see up-to-the-minute key metrics & performance indicators
  • learn ways to improve your club's success
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booster club performance indicators
Get Timely Reminders
  • receive proactive reminders to help you plan ahead
  • keep your club moving forward
  • maximize profit & customer satisfaction
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booster club reminders
Build A Club Website
  • easily create your club's website
  • use our template & content management system
  • publish your own words, photos, and embedded video
  • includes automatic member & sponsor acknowledgements
  • responsive, mobile-friendly design
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booster club website template
Receive Donations
  • accept recurring, automated monthly donations
  • accept one-time donations
  • donors can include an optional note, earmarking their donation for a particular fundraising initiative
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booster club online donation software
Sell Memberships
  • members acknowledged on every page of your website
  • create custom membership plans
  • members enter their own data, maximizing accuracy
  • easy collection of shirt sizes, activity allocations, etc
  • eliminate paper forms, volunteer data entry labor, and errors
  • generate, view, and export detailed member reports
  • sell upgrades and renewals online, too!
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booster club membership campaign plans
Sell Sponsorships
  • every sponsor gets a page on your website; they can display their logo, images, text, contact info, and optional map to their facility
  • sponsor logos appear automatically throughout your website
  • create custom sponsorship plans
  • sponsors enter their own data, maximizing accuracy
  • eliminate paper forms, volunteer data entry labor, and errors
  • generate, view, and export detailed sponsor reports
  • sell upgrades and renewals online, too!
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booster club sponsorship campaign plans
Offer Activity Passes
  • member/sponsor plans can include an Activity Pass
  • BoosterSpark generates each pass for your customer
  • pass can be displayed on paper or phone screen
  • each pass has unique QR code to prevent fraud
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booster club activity passes and member cards
Assign Team Permissions
  • grant account access to fellow board members & coordinators
  • your team can "own" a portion of the website and keep it fresh, current
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booster club team permissions
Accept Online Payments
  • accept payment from any device, any time
  • increase sales by accepting popular forms of payment
  • debit cards & credit cards
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diner's Club, JCB
  • powered by industry-leading Stripe
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accept credit cards and debit cards online
All Of This In One Tool

When you volunteered to help with the booster club, you had visions of all the good you could do and the difference you could make. You didn't expect to spend so much time doing busy work!

BoosterSpark is a web-based suite of tools that fuels booster club growth and success. It was created by a dad who wore many hats at his kids' all-school booster club. Over a period of many years, he served as president, vice president, event coordinator, publicity coordinator, website coordinator, social media coordinator, event volunteer, and assisted with volunteer recruitment, member recruitment, and sponsor recruitment.

He noticed club volunteers often had no mentors and no training. Those who didn't quit out of frustration mastered their role about the time their kids aged out of the school or team the club supported. He built BoosterSpark to help booster club volunteers achieve success faster so they can maximize the impact they can make on their communities.

WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER. Ready to let BoosterSpark do the busy work and guide you to more success than you imagined?

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BoosterSpark is booster club management and sales software
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