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Sponsorships are probably the most lucrative booster club fundraising option. Businesses crave a connection with local families who make purchasing decisions. But, local newspapers are gone, yellow pages are unused relics of the past, and direct mail is often too expensive for small businesses. That means businesses are eager to find affordable ways to reach local buyers. When your booster club designs sponsorship plans and introduces them to local businesses, everybody wins.

How to Sell Booster Club Sponsorships Online
Sponsorship Software Features:
Create Sponsorships Plans
  • Quickly create plans: our Sponsorship Plan Designer tool offers 56 customizable benefit ideas
  • Add your own custom benefits (up to 10 per plan)
  • Create your own plan names & prices
  • Hide/show any plan at any time
  • No limit to how many plans your club can offer
  • Sponsors can upload their logo which is then automatically displayed on the bottom of every page on your website
  • Clubs can offer plans that add sponsor logos to the back of all BoosterSpark-generated Activity Passes
Sell Sponsorships
  • Sponsors can purchase sponsorships on your website from any device, any time, 24/7/365
  • Sponsors enter their own data, maximizing accuracy and eliminating data entry by volunteers
  • Sponsorships are valid for a 12‑month "plan year" (default is July 1 - June 30; clubs can pick any 12‑month cycle)
  • Sponsors can upgrade their plan during the current plan year
  • Sponsors can renew their plan during the final six months of their current year (or any time thereafter)
  • Manually import sponsors who pay with cash, check, or in‑kind donation
  • Sell to new sponsors starting six months prior to the new plan year (gives you time to gather materials from sponsors needed to deliver benefits, such as artwork for a banner)
Sponsor Web Pages
  • Every sponsor plan includes a dedicated page on your website where the sponsor can display:
    • Their logo
    • Their contact information
    • A description, message, and/or offer
    • Up to 9 images
    • An optional map to their location
  • Sponsors can assign account administrators, too
  • Completely self-managed by the sponsor; no extra work for the club
Sponsorship Database
  • Generate, view, and export five years of detailed sponsor reports
  • Reports are accurate as of the second you create them
  • Data is input by sponsors for maximum accuracy; zero volunteer labor required for data entry and updates
  • Eliminate paper forms and associated errors resulting from typo's, unreadable chicken scratch handwriting, and missing data
  • Sponsors can update their name, email, phone, address, and password at any time in My Account on your website
  • Club can save per‑sponsor notes
  • Administrators can access sponsor data from their phone or computer, anywhere, anytime
Shirt Sizes
  • If your sponsorship plan includes a sweatshirt, t-shirt, or polo shirt, BoosterSpark can gather shirt sizes during checkout
  • Single report shows all shirt sizes needed at a glance
  • Can also view shirt sizes on a per-sponsor level
Sponsor Acknowledgement List
  • Each sponsor choose how their name should appear
  • Sponsor automatically appears on the "our sponsors" page on your website
  • Easily view, copy, and paste complete list of sponsor acknowledgments
  • Easy way to send accurate data to your sign shop, printer, etc.
Expired Sponsorships
  • View & export list of all recently expired, yet‑to‑be‑renewed sponsorships

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