Our Purpose

BoosterSpark’s mission is to foster the growth and success of booster clubs. We are the world's first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides booster clubs with a wide range of integrated online services that help clubs raise more money, improve communication, recruit volunteers, attract members, sell sponsorships, educate booster club board members and coordinators, create strong communities, and provide opportunities for students and those who teach and coach students.

We believe education, experience, and knowledge are what will solve the world's problems and conflicts. We exist to help communities support and provide that education, experience, and knowledge for tomorrow's leaders. By bringing communities together to provide opportunities for students, we collectively maximize the chance those students will develop into skilled leaders who will contribute to society in meaningful ways and support older generations — us! — in later years.

Booster clubs have no paid staff. Coordinators and board members are unpaid volunteers who typically have no prior experience, receive no training, and have few mentors to lean on. These volunteers are go-getters with lofty ideas. They often take on low-profit, high-labor fundraisers. Sadly, they become overwhelmed by the amount of labor involved and the lack of help available. By the time they learn how to operate a successful club, their children graduate, volunteers move on to the next chapter in life, and the next generation begins the cycle again with no experience, training, or mentors.

BoosterSpark aims to solve those problems by providing a single, integrated platform that helps booster clubs earn more money while reducing labor and improving record keeping. We currently support booster club websites, databases, membership programs, sponsorship programs, online donations, website hosting, domain registration & renewal, credit/debit card acceptance, and educational content. Numerous additional services are in development.

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