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What is a Booster Club?

by Jim Connelly, founder of BoosterSpark

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A booster club is an organization typically formed by parents, alumni, and supporters of a school, sports team, or other extracurricular activity to provide additional financial support and resources. These clubs are commonly found in educational institutions, especially in the United States, and they play a crucial role in enhancing the programs and opportunities available to students.

Here are some key characteristics and functions of booster clubs:

  1. Fundraising: Booster clubs often organize fundraising activities and events to generate funds for specific programs or activities within the school. This can include sports teams, music programs, drama clubs, activity groups, and more.
  2. Financial Support: The funds raised by booster clubs are typically used to purchase equipment, uniforms, instruments, or other necessities that the school or extracurricular activity may not be able to afford through its regular budget.
  3. Volunteer Support: Members of booster clubs often volunteer their time and expertise to support the activities they are passionate about. This can involve helping with events, chaperoning trips, or assisting with various logistical aspects of the program.
  4. Advocacy: Booster clubs may also advocate for the interests of the programs they support, such as lobbying for increased funding or resources from the school or district. However, if the club is a 501(c)(3), they must remain politically neutral.
  5. Community Building: These clubs can foster a sense of community and pride among parents, students, and supporters who share a common interest in a particular school or activity.
  6. Organizational Structure: Booster clubs typically have their own governing structure, including elected officers, bylaws, and financial accounts. They operate independently of the school or organization they support but work in cooperation with them.
  7. Nonprofit Status: Booster clubs are often registered as nonprofit organizations to enjoy tax-exempt status and to comply with legal and financial regulations. Nonprofit organizations must still file annual tax forms on a state and federal level in order to maintain their nonprofit status.

It's important to note that booster clubs must adhere to legal and ethical guidelines when raising and distributing funds, as there can be regulations governing their activities to ensure transparency and accountability.

Booster clubs are valuable assets to schools and communities, as they help bridge the gap between the resources available and the needs of various extracurricular programs, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for students.

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