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Two Approaches, Only One Succeeds

by Jim Connelly, founder of BoosterSpark

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Imagine you made two new friends in the past year. Whenever you interact with one, he only says "would you help me move from one house to another?" or "I hear you're a graphic designer, would you design this poster for me for free?" or "I'm selling supplements and they're really important to me, so would you buy some?"

The second friend says "hey, we're having a really fun party this weekend, want to join us?" and "check out these photos from an event at school where your kid did something entertaining" and "I really appreciate you!" and "together, we can accomplish great things, let's raise some money for the kids!"

You probably can't wait to hear from the second friend but cringe when you see the first one, right?

Now think of how your booster club communicates to your audience. Do you only ask for volunteers, donations, and money (like friend #1)? Or do you share content your audience enjoys, and only occasionally ask for help (like friend #2)?

It takes a little more energy to remember to be a part of the community rather than a beggar in the community, but the payoff can be huge. When your club is an energetic, enthusiastic part of the community, it becomes something people want to be a part of, and they look forward to your communication rather than dread it.

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